Friday, May 15

Finally, something I could work on

I applied for a job at Intel when it was still spelled with the “t” dropped down. Wisely, they rejected my bid for employment since I was still stuck in electronics that utilized vacuum tubes. But the new large processor shown above has potential as far as I am concerned. As I transitioned into dealing with transistors, they were still discrete components. In other words, you could actually find a transistor, a capacitor, a resistor, a coil — real things, not vapor deposited on a substrate. This processor looks like it could actually have real parts. Wow. Maybe this is my chance.

I’m kidding of course.

One thing that remains in my memory: When intel decided I was toast, they notified me by snail mail from Mountain View, California. I was living in Los Altos Hills, California. I could spit on Mountain View from where I was. The letter was sent Airmail! Maybe they used a pigeon.

Picture courtesy of the Onion


Stanielsan said...

What's a vacuum tube? Ok, just kidding. I remember when I worked on 8 bit microprocessors in school. Now that is ancient. Isn't technology amazing!

Tom Hurley said...

Truly tech is amazing. When I applied in the late 1960s, intel’s main product was memory. They were just getting their feet wet with microprocessors. Now they own the world (for now, anyway).

Susan said...

Wolfram Alpha is taking job applications. Google Squared should be soon. Both will require experts in their fields. How about applying for a job to write about a field called 'old electronics'?