Friday, April 8

An anomaly

Whenever I am ready to put together another blog, I log in to the Blogger Dashboard page shown above and click on NEW POST. Right above the blue box is the number of posts written so far. In the picture below it shows 1,001 Posts.

However, if you add up the number of posts shown in the sidebar to the right of the blog starting in 2007 with 5 posts, the number comes to 1,031.

If any of my dear readers used the sidebar numbers and didn’t guess the reason for the blog title M, mille, kilo, thus missing out on the multi-trillion-dollar prize, I apologize. Blame Google, the producer of Blogger, for their bad math. After all, they only hire genius nerds and geeks, not people who do such mundane things as add.

So if that’s the reason you lost the contest, well, hard cheese. An old friend of mine used the phrase “hard cheese” whenever he meant “tough luck.” I love “hard cheese.” Makes me think of parmesan which, in Zimbabwe, costs trillions.

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