Tuesday, April 19

Creative recipes

Karla had a bag of Tostitos® Artisan recipes™ Roasted Garlic & Black Bean chips sitting on the food prep table while she was making up a batch of chicken soup. They’re really tasty and contain just about every whole grain imaginable. I thought it would be nice to make a dip for them, and she suggested using yogurt as a base and tossing in some pesto.

I put a few spoonfuls of yogurt in a bowl and stirred in some pesto, lemon pepper, and a few dots of worcestershire sauce. It was delicious and we enjoyed dipping the chips and some celery sticks in the mix.

Inspired by this little bit of invention, I was reminded of something I’ve been thinking about for years. Start with a patty of ground beef, maybe four or five inches in diameter and a half inch or so thick. Barbecue or fry it. Top it with a slice each of onion, tomato, and maybe some lettuce. Dress it up with some mayo, ketchup and perhaps mustard. Then put it between two slices of a round bun of similar diameter. Add a slice of cheese if you like.

Sounds wonderful and I’m going to get around to trying it one of these days, but first I’d like to think up a name for it. Perhaps my readers have some ideas.

When I once mentioned this to a friend, she said I should call it a “hot dog,” but I think that name is already taken.


Agneta and David said...

I think you should call it a "Hurley". It has a nice ring to it. "I'm new in town. Where can I get a good Hurley?" "The best Hurley in California". "Hey lets go to Hurley King and get a hurley". It has a nice ring to it. Yep, I think you should call it a "Hurley"

Daffy said...

no....no; it;s no good; can't come up with a name;however; if your name was Lester.....(for those of us ancient ex-fresno tv station viewing audience)

Susan said...

Meat pie springs to mind, though it probably won't be juicy enough :)

Tom Hurley said...

David: If I use the name Hurley, my meat and veggie sandwich could be confused with a line of clothing now popular in the US. And I don’t want to eat my shirt. Also, if someone gets sick eating one, they could maybe Hurl it. Bad for the reputation.

Daffy: ? When I was on TV in Fresno in the late 50s/early 60s, my name was Mort. But nobody saw me because I crouched beneath a table and operated a talking head. Other times I ran a mule puppet. Never to be seen by anyone. Kinda like now.

Susan: I sure loved those meat pies that Hilary and I ate when in Australia. My invention couldn’t hold a candle to those gastronomical delights. Or, maybe they could. I’ll have to actually make one and see how it tastes.