Monday, April 11

Stinks to high heaven

Recently Epsilon, a company that sends emails for hundreds of big clients, got hacked and millions of email addresses were stolen. It’s a spammer paradise!

Adobe could be one of Epsilon’s clients and today I got an email supposedly from Adobe, the maker of Adobe Reader, the almost defacto program for opening and reading pdf files. Then I got another email with a different subject line, again from "Adobe." Both kind of triggered suspicion, so I contacted the security people at Adobe and gave them the particulars.

The subject lines in my two recent emails are:
Get more done, much faster, with new update Acrobat PDF Reader. Upgrade Available Now

Action Required : Download New Update Adobe Acrobat Reader For Your PC.

I looked further into who sent the emails, and found they originated in Germany. Without even clicking on the links provided, and without hearing back from Adobe security, I know these were intending to do something to steal data from my computer. Especially the one with the Action Required title. It sounds so German! Also, the correct verbiage would be "update TO Adobe…"

When (if) I hear back from Adobe, I'll let you know if my suspicions are warranted. Beware! The world just got a whole lot more dangerous. Get more information here.

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Daffy said...

I ALMOST clicked on that myself; but was too lazy. ALERT!!...danger, Dr. Smith!....I just got an email from "fanbox"; with Susie Hickman's name attached. She must have fell for it;that is, join fanbox; share pics; just click "HERE"...well; don' sends same message on your behalf to everybody on your contact list...I'll send susie an email to warn her (too late, probably); but be warned; 'cause I'm sure you are on her contact list