Thursday, April 7

M, mille, kilo

An odd title for a blog, wouldn’t you say? What could it mean? Three ways to express a number which has real meaning for me and my blog. Can you guess what the significance of that number is?

Hint: It is NOT that I need about 85 of them in dollar form to buy a car I like a lot, a 2005 Bentley Continental GT, the ideal car for the boondocks featuring—
  • All-wheel drive, perfect for muddy country roads!
  • A twelve-cylinder 600+ horsepower engine that enables a top speed way past triple the legal limit! A pursuing mountain lion, bear or wild pig doesn’t stand a chance! Nor does a cop, even in a helicopter!
  • A trunk and back seat big enough to hold up to:
  1. Eight sacks of horse feed
  2. Four 50-pound salt licks
  3. A really big chainsaw, fuel can, jumper cables, a shovel
  4. Back seat big enough for two large dogs and two sacks of dog food
  5. All at the same time!
Recently I’ve acquired some significant money, and to celebrate I’m feeling philanthropic. The first person to figure out the significance of this blog’s title, then posts the answer in Comments, will win a high-dollar prize (but not the Bentley). Remember—it’s not about the car. The car is only a diversion.

Contest ends in a week, so think, people! You could win some big money!


Pete S. said...

Is your 1000th blog posting? Hard to believe, but maybe it's been that many.

Is the high-dollar prize in Zimbabwean dollars?

Tom Hurley said...

PETE!! You take all the suspense out of it with your rapier wit. You WIN!!

See next blog for your prize, and check your mailbox soon (physical, not cyber).