Thursday, May 3

A busy yesterday

Thurman starts scraping "botanicals"
Yesterday was busy, with us driving all over the place multiple times. When you live on a road that others refer to as “a trail, not a road,” you can get pooped out if you drive on it too much, especially if you’re a geezer.

Karla and cousin Bill check out the cleaned-up house site
Thurman came back and used his backhoe/tractor to scrape off the “botanicals” (as weeds are called by foundation contractors) from our house site. He did a wonderful job.

A nasty hump has disappeared!
Then he attacked some of the problem areas of our “trail.” He and his son, Chad, suggested that a bulldozer would be much better to do the conversion to a real road. We are very open to the idea. It’s a thousand bucks a day. Well worth it since they work fast.

Trench for culvert going in. Then the hydraulics quit from a broken fitting.
We were putting in a culvert when a tree limb that was cut out in order to make room for straightening the road fell on a hydraulic fitting and broke it. “That little bitty thing broke my fitting?” Thurman exclaimed. He has a very cool demeanor. I would have blown up and made a fool of myself with a tantrum. The tractor had to be hauled out for repair. So much for road building for the day.

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