Monday, May 14

Not much happening…

This weekend was marked by watching our water tanks fill, then turning off the pump and draining the tanks. Jay, the pump guy, said we should fill and empty them at least two times, and better four times. I rounded up some old garden hoses and hooked up a couple of sprinklers. Might as well use the water constructively, I thought. Imagine my shock and dismay when in turning on the water it squirted mightily out of the sprinklers, then shut down to a dribble. What’s going on here?

Well, the old garden hoses were really old, and the insides of them were coming apart. When I disconnected the sprinklers, whole big wads of stringy plastic stuff blasted out of the hoses. So skip the usefulness; we dragged one hose over to an old dead stump and laid the end on top of it so the water could gently dribble onto the ground without causing a lot of erosion. This morning we’ll go down to see how much water we’ve removed from the tanks and how far it got running down the hill.

Meanwhile, we entertained ourselves by flying over Vesta.

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