Tuesday, May 1

A mix of activities

Yesterday Hilary had an appointment at the Fresno offices of Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer as a representative of the packers who have been stopped from operating this summer in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. She joined five others in supporting the case for letting the packers operate in compliance with the recent bill in the US House of Representatives which keeps the right to operate in effect for at least two years. The meeting went on for over two hours. One thing on our side is that Senator Boxer’s chief at the meeting said his wife had been a guest at the ranch and loved it. We’ll see if the Senate follows the House in their enthusiasm for keeping the status quo, following the example of the House’s speed in writing and unanimously passing their bill in only twelve hours.

Luke continued on up to the foothill ranch with a trailer load of horses. While Hilary attended the Senators’ meeting, Karla took Ben to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in Roeding Park to see the newly-born baby giraffe. Ben apparently loved the trash containers and puddles in which he could splash. He liked the giraffes and elephants too, and got to reach out to touch the manta ray.

This morning, the following happened—

Heading up to the water tank site.
Ben likes the new tank site.
Even more, Ben likes the huge pile of dirt left over from making the tank site.
The obligatory family portrait.
This kid is too cute for words.

Thurman fills in the pipe trenches, all thousand plus feet of them!
Thurman backfilled all the trenches and the remaining part of the septic tank he had left revealed because he was unhappy with how the input pipe was fitting. Fussy Fussy. Gotta be perfect or he’s not happy. We will meet with him tomorrow about getting our house site cleared of weeds so the foundation can be laid out, and getting some ghastly parts of our road fixed so big trucks and trailers can haul in house parts. Maybe he can rough out the space for our garage. I have no idea what we’ve gotten into cost-wise. Oh well, it’s only money. You can’t take it with you but you can use it to maybe make a really nice house.

Gratuitous pictures of our grandson are included to answer my readers’ incessant requests.


Daffy said...

I sent a pleading email to Senator Feinstien yesterday...for what it's worth; being 3rd generation Sierra-ite; i would hope it make a small scratch....GREAT pics of site/B/H/L !

Pat said...
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Pat said...
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Tom Hurley said...

Two previous comments were removed because they were tests to see why comments sometimes don't get posted. The first comment said "test" and the second said "test" followed by gibberish. The comment poster didn't want to be seen as an idiot and asked for them to be removed.