Monday, May 21

Drawing a line in the sand

Today our builder Randy and our other builder Kim came by with their tape measures and bag of marking lime to lay out the foundation for our house. They measured out the perimeter then laid out all the lines where the undergirdings of the house are to be. It was hard to keep in mind that their marks weren’t where the walls go, but where the floor joists rest on concrete supports. Once the subflooring is nailed down, then there will be chalk marks that define the rooms.

Randy, left, and Kim, right, lay out the perimeter.
It was fun to walk over the ground and imagine where the rooms will be, and what the views from the various rooms will be like. Our covered patio on the south of the house looks even bigger than we had planned, and with the possible addition of sidewalls becomes almost a courtyard. We’ll keep that in mind.

We signed the contract telling the structure builders to go ahead and build all the walls in their factory up north. It looks like a mid-June delivery will happen and we will finally get to see what the place will really be like.

Randy, our chief builder, will be able to direct the erection of the whole structure before he goes off to Lebanon to supervise another project for his company. He’s also built in Japan. How’s that for American exports? Did you realize that some complete houses around the world are actually made in the USA?
Karla imagines what it will be like in the covered patio to the south.
By the way, thanks to all of you for buying Apple stock! It went up $30.90 today. Maybe we’ll be able to afford the gold plumbing fixtures for the bathroom after all.

Pardon the less-than-brilliant pictures. All I had was my three-generations-old cellphone camera.


Agneta and David said...

How very very exiting!

Susan said...

It's going to be wonderful. I love that view in the bottom photo.