Thursday, May 17

Buy Apple!

Part of what is making it possible for us to pay for the construction of a new house is selling some of our Apple, Inc. stock. Unfortunately, the price is dropping. Drastically. I have limitless faith in Apple, and the price will go back to its astonishing previous highs, and even beyond that to where the stratosphere is merely a minor impediment in its rise to infinity. Meanwhile get together with friends and neighbors, buy a ton of AAPL and get that price back up!

Yesterday we went down to the Madera County office and got our master building permit. Then, following the advice of our builder, we made dozens of copies of various pages of plans for the various sub-contractors we will be using. (Hint: Don’t make large-format copies at FedEx Office stores (formerly Kinko’s). They’re way way overpriced! Like triple!)

I am into the second emptying of both water tanks, as advised by our pump guy. Both sprinklers clogged again for some reason. Yesterday we had bought some large-diameter garden hose in order to replace the old hose we were trying to use and which was falling apart. I must have missed some of the crud left inside the sprinklers by the first attempts.

As part of the building permit process we have to contribute to the education of our young’ns. We wrote a check to the Yosemite school district in the amount of $6,600 and change. In return, we got a receipt. I hope kids get a little smarter for our contribution. Next the County office billed us $5,353.53, an amusing amount that was reduced from a larger amount since we had already paid for some individual permits earlier. We got our street number, not what I had wanted, but okay. It’s 41143 Winter Ranch Road. It doesn’t seem logical, since some people “earlier” on the road have a higher number; theirs should be lower. A mile down the road a neighbor has a number much higher than it should be, and the county admitted to their mistake and will change it. But he’s complaining since he had already informed people of the originally-assigned number. I wonder if they have something like a Lotto number generator spitting out addresses.

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Daffy said...

That's a
LOT of $$$ just to get off the launching pad. Hope Apple stock goes back up; what non-logical silliness caused it to go down? not so many people eating apples?!@$&&@ !! stock market=silly X 3.14