Tuesday, May 29

Forms going in; gold going out

As you can see, we're not building on a flat, level site!
We stopped by the house site this evening before the sun set and saw that the forms are going in. It will probably be a couple more days before they’re finished, then there is grading to be done for the detached garage up the hill a bit. More forms go in for the footings on that building. We haven’t yet decided what kind of roof to put on the garage. We can get away with using our outlaw ceramic tile on the garage because it doesn’t have to be Energy Star rated for heating and cooling. What a crock!

Tomorrow it’s back to the County Den of Thieves to pay the bribes needed for garage permits, then to the roof place to order the fake tile-looking roofing. Then to the windows place to order the genuine wood-framed glass with color-infused fiberglass exteriors that resist weathering.

We sold a bunch of gold today to keep the project rolling. So far we haven’t had to touch any of the Apple stock; we’re putting that off for as long as possible in hopes that it goes back to an insanely great price. I mean after all—that’s how Steve would have described it.

(I just noticed—this is my 1,200th post.)


Pete S. said...

I look forward to these progress updates! Sorry to hear that the goons won't let you use your nice roof tiles, and that they must be paid off to leave you in peace while you build your house.

Tom Hurley said...

Next house will be pure bootleg!