Thursday, May 10

We have water!

Today as we returned from a memorial service for an old friend, Jeff Breckenridge*, I noticed that we now had solar panels on the well site. We stopped the car, went over to the hose bibb, turned it on, and voila! Agua! The pressure gauge indicated 65 pounds per square inch, so the water had at least made it most of the way to the tanks. We will have to check that out tomorrow afternoon, when the sun will have made the tanks warm and the deep-well chilly water should show us how much is in the tanks by its lower temperature when we feel the side of the tanks. We’re going to have to get a ladder up there since the tanks are way too tall for us to peer in without one.

Now the thing to determine is the rate of flow. Are we getting five gallons per minute as the well folks thought? Less? More? We can’t wait!

*I’ll describe Jeff’s memorial tomorrow.

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