Monday, June 25

The benefits of living in the boonies

Today the county building inspector came by to approve our understructure. He had been here before, jokingly complaining to the contractor: “My advice to you: BUILD SOMEWHERE ELSE!” He wasn’t fond of the three-hour round trip journey plus our bad road just to do his ten-to-fifteen-minute job of checking our progress. Today, as he checked the work done so far on the house, he looked at me and said, “I’m just going to save myself a heap of grief and sign off the whole job right now!

Randy, Kim and the Inspector General
I looked at Randy, our plan designer/lead contractor, and said, “It WORKED!”

(He didn’t sign off the whole job. Just kidding.)

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Pete S. said...

Thank goodness the inspector cares so much about the quality of a stranger's house! Since you and the contractor don't care at all, the inspector has saved you from living in a ramshackle dump.