Tuesday, June 5

When you come to a fork in the road, take it

Left to right: Ben, Bill, Hilary and the geezer
“When you come to a fork…” we won’t have to say that anymore to people who want to find us. Now we can say, “Take Winter Ranch Road.” Wow. We have a place on the map. We even have a house number, even though the guy who made our sign put 41143 on one side, and 41134 on the other. He’s going to make us another sign with 41143 on both sides. Oh well, maybe that’s why things take longer than they should.

Photo: Karla Hurley


Pete S. said...

I think I see that intersection on Google Maps! Surprisingly, the Google Street View camera has not yet driven through your neighborhood. What's taking them so long?

The geezer is looking good! If he pushes a little harder the sign post will be straightened up.

Tom Hurley said...

I could have uprighted the post in Photoshop, but then I noticed Ben’s uprightness exactly matched the post and assumed people would know that it’s the picture, not the post, that’s leaning.

Daffy said...

NOW maybe i can google your place; STILL can't find it otherwise; just looked again yesterday1 Who is Bessie Jacobs?; and- you're looking quite hale and hearty!

Tom Hurley said...

Judging by how quickly this county moves, I doubt if you’ll see this street name on any map for decades. Bessie was the last of the Indians living near us, in a nice house within sight of our upper acres. She died in the fifties.

Susan said...

That is such a great photo of you all. Congratulations on finally getting an address.