Friday, June 15

What’s happening

I’ve been remiss in updating the progress on the house. Mostly because the pictures I’ve taken really stink. It seems that whenever I go by the building site the lighting is really bad, and I don’t like publishing crummy pix. Besides, there is little excitement in showing a big pile of lumber or foundation walls without the forms in place.

I was pleased to see that the local lumber supplier was able to haul in some 40-foot-long floor joists without incident. That means we can maybe get some of the near-40-foot roof trusses in without incident.

Today a big piece of equipment came in, Randy’s high-lifting forklift which can lift things clear up to low earth orbit (or 40 feet, whichever comes first). We can use it to raise our lumberjack crew up to trim trees that are too close to the house. It can also raise the pre-made roof trusses into place.

The real action starts Tuesday when the three flatbed trucks we are renting will haul in the walls and roof trusses. Two or three trucks from Elk Grove (near Sacramento) will deliver all the pre-built parts of the house that are above the subfloor, clear up to the roof. The big tractor-trailer rigs from Sacramento can’t make it in to the house site on our twisty roads. The company will give us six hours of use of their forklift to get the parts off their trailers and onto our trucks. We will haul them down the six miles of bad road to the house site.

This should certainly be blogworthy, so stay tuned.

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