Wednesday, June 27

Instant house (almost)

Pick a wall space and nail the plans for all to see
Just follow the plans and put the right numbered panel in the right place and repeat. The pictures tell the story that started around 7:30 this morning. I expect all the wall panels will be in place by this afternoon, exterior and interior. Wow. Four workers and one guy who knows this place by heart and can do it without plans.
Stand the wall panels up one at a time
Nail them in place
Later, much later, put a grand piano in this room
Bring up more wall panels with the loader
Then start putting up interior walls
Tomorrow, we may start putting up the roof. That takes more time since each of the pieces has to be braced to the one next to it, then add another, and brace it, and add another….

The really fast stuff is over. After the roof is on, then we think about finishing the exterior and interior. That will take time, too.

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