Monday, June 25

The floor is going on, but first…

Randy points with one finger; the inspector uses two. He must be double-checking.
…the County Inspector has to see that the substructure is up to par and according to plan.

It takes a sledgehammer to persuade thick stuff into place
There's more where that came from, says Randy
Then Randy uses his lift to bring up the flooring material. And Kim’s two floormen start laying it down. It’s both glued and nailed so it won’t squeak.

The floor under the grand piano is doubly strong, with the joists only a foot apart. The rest of the house has its joists two feet apart. The subfloor isn’t three-quarter-inch plywood like so many houses; it’s a full inch-and-an-eighth thick. Randy likes really strong floors, and so do we.

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