Wednesday, June 20

A rousing, raging wonderful success!

Bill, Candy, Karla, Thurman, Luke and Bruce wait for the house to arrive.

After thinking of every little thing that could go wrong, obsessing about not being able to widen some of the narrow places on the road, worrying about trees or branches that are too low, and every little thing that could get a great big truck stuck in such a way that we would have to give up and pave over it, it worked!
The first truckload arrives!

The second truck with its load of roof trusses
A forklift was used to transfer to our trucks and trailers
Roof trusses, looking like a wooden delta-wing plane, went on John’s truck
We followed John in, eating his dust.

Luke stops John and has him ride on ahead to check out a couple of tight spots.
Randy uses his forklift to pluck a pile of roof trusses.
Thurman arrives with his second load
Luke and John head back for more. This is getting fun!
Bill arrives with a trailerful
Bill unstraps the load
Randy spreads out the house parts just where he wants them
And through it all, another crew was putting in the pony walls to support the subfloor

The Whole Operation Went Off Without Even A Hint Of A Hitch!

Unbelievable! Nothing went wrong! We got the house parts to their destination in only two-thirds the time we had anticipated. We now have an entire house and a big garage spread across at least an acre of land. The roof trusses didn’t get caught in trees, the low trailers hauled by two of our neighbors’ pickups sailed through the tight spots, and the big semi and trailer didn’t have to back up even once on the tight corners.

Thurman, our backhoe operator, brought the same truck he uses for his bulldozer and since it had been in here before he just laid back with one hand on the wheel and whistled a tune while sightseeing on his way in. Piece of cake.

Karla and I tailed John’s big tractor-trailer rig on its first leg of the trip. Luke acted as his pilot car, and even once stopped and drove him ahead on the road in his pickup to show him what to expect in the worst spaces. John is an incredible driver. He has traversed the awful Kaiser Pass Road to both Florence and Edison Lakes for decades since he was a kid with tons of horses, tons of hay, and tons of courage since the road only gets worse every year.

Randy used his huge forklift to pile all the parts exactly where he wants them for quick assembly into a whole big beautiful house. While all this was going on, Kim’s crew was putting up the pony walls, on which the subfloor will be laid. We were surprised to see how far off the ground the floor will be. It turns out we will have a rather large basement to use, with headroom even for Luke!

We heartily thank all the friends and neighbors who were so enthusiastic in helping with the project. We owe you guys big time!

All photos: Tom


Pat said...

Yay!! Phew!! You did it! Now I can sleep again!

Daffy said...


Agneta and David said...

Three kinds of WONDERFUL!

One for a BIG job completed.

Two for your great friends and neighbors!

Three for how great it feels to know those kinds of people still inhabit the earth!

Pete S. said...

(Some assembly required)

Did you find the instruction sheet anywhere?

Tom Hurley said...

Pete S: So THAT'S the big sheet of paper that was caught in the wind! We watched it blow away and were worried that it was part of the structure. Whew! The rest we can figure out.