Thursday, June 21

Two for one

It's like a house under our house.
When we saw what the construction crew had done so far, we were amazed. There’s a whole other house under the one we’re paying for on top! Our plan calls for plus or minus 2,800 square feet under roof. But between the floor and the ground we’ll have another thousand feet of usable space. In fact one of the spans is large enough to install an under-house swimming pool!

Pool space under the kitchen!

"Not quite Olympic, but I could adjust," says Karla
Imagine! A little bit of excavating and we can put in an Endless Pool® and swim year around! A pool table will be harder to install because the walls are too close, but a pool is better than a pool table any time.

The floor from up the hill a bit.
After admiring our guys’ work, we had a little celebration with apple slices, cheese, bread, and good Mexican beer.


Daffy said...

Looks amazing; no; really; stop there; the front elevation just needs paint; something out of the "Bauhaus School"

Pat said...

The frame of the house has a Grecian temple look to it, just excavated in a dig---only cleaner

Susan said...

Wowiee! It's really happening!

Pete S. said...

The place looks beautiful already. What a nice bonus, getting that extra space!

Tom Hurley said...

We like the looks too. Maybe we should go up the hill a bit and put up another house like it! You can never have too many houses.