Monday, March 9

Apple Blossom Time

Apple Inc, I mean, not the edible kind. I had two appointments in Fresno at the eye doctors’ place,* so I missed out on either listening to or watching Apple’s big event. Apple further explained the choices you can get with their new watch, introduced a newly-redesigned laptop computer that’s ridiculously thin, and some other stuff. I haven’t checked it all out yet, but will tonight. I am absolutely certain their stock will blossom once again as it has in the past. They are on course to be the world’s first trillion dollar entity. Holy cow.

After the doctor stuff, Karla and I went shopping for some edible plants. Over the weekend we had planted five dwarf citrus trees in big pots that will sit on our south deck. “Let’s surround the trees with strawberries,” Karla said. So we got about twenty of them along with some herbs that we will plant separately.

Tomorrow is planting day. If anything interesting comes up, I’ll write about it. If not, well….

*(Eye doctor-wise, no big deal. A new prescription and a follow-up on a retinal bump that appeared in my last exam. No change, so no sweat; I go back in May.)


Pete S. said...

What varieties of citrus did you get? Someday I would like to get a bergamot orange tree. The oil from the rind is what gives Earl Gray tea its distinctive aroma.

Tom Hurley said...

Pete S: The varieties are:
Star Ruby Grapefruit
Washington Navel Orange
Bearss Seedless Lime
Improved Meyer Lemon
Nagami Kumquat

Susan said...

Strawberries around the bottom of the trees sounds genius. I hope they grow. My experiments with planting things around the bottom of trees have so far failed.