Friday, March 27

Weed Eater Times 36

In a few weeks we’ll round up all of our horses. Mike, our longtime vet, will give them their annual shots, do any necessary dental work, and get them ready to go up to the high ranch for the summer. Frank the farrier will trim their hooves. Then, if things go according to plan, all thirty-six or so horses and mules will be led down to the forty acres where our house is located:

1. To trim the weeds
2. And, of course, being equines—to break things.

Currently we have only three horses on our place and just yesterday we had to repair their watering trough after one of them broke off the drain pipe. Twelve times as many equines will give us enough work to keep busy for several weeks before they leave.

Oh well, it beats having to trim weeds with a noisy gas-powered machine.

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