Tuesday, March 31

Call Me a Liar

Today I did some power system maintenance. It cost some money too, so my touting our solar system as providing free power isn’t actually true. The 40-cell battery uses water which it boils off gently over time. Today each of the cells took a liter of distilled water to top off, which, times 40, is roughly ten gallons. The water costs about $1.20 per gallon which comes to $12.00. We have to repeat this maybe four times a year, so that’s just shy of $50.00 annually.

Oh, wait. There’s my time to figure into the cost. [figure…figure…]

Hm-m-m. It still comes to under $50.00.


Susan said...

That's impressive!!

Pete S. said...

Such big clean batteries!

Pete S. said...

I mean cells. There's just one battery.