Friday, March 6

Vanishing Dust

I put together a desk in the “man room” of the new house from parts we got at the Sacramento IKEA, a terrific place to buy nice design for cheap. The desk top was in a carton labelled “White,” when it fact it was black. So here I am, at home over a hundred miles from the store, with the wrong color. I used it anyway and have grown to like it. For most of the day, the desktop looks really nice.

Believe it or not, there is a ton of dust gleaming in the above photo, but it barely shows here because Blogger spits out all the tiny stuff in order to reduce the size of the photo file.

But early in the morning when the sun angle is low, dust and lint and stray dog hair glistens in the bright light. It always surprises me how little dust it takes to show up given the right light angle. An hour after first light, the dust disappears completely and doesn’t reappear till the next dawning. I like to have a clean space (after all, I was in the US Navy for four pristine spotless years on the world’s biggest, newest, cleanest ship), but I’m not going to go out of my way to recreate it at all times.

(I do have to confess, right here and right now, that when I click Publish to post this blog, I’m going to get a damp cloth and wipe the now-invisible crud off the desktop. Oh well….)

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