Monday, March 30

Not to Brag, But…

Almost exactly seven years ago I bought a Timex watch on the Amazon Web site. Since then the watch has performed admirably. It was still running with its original battery which amazes me since that little thing is about the size of a dime! Unfortunately the watch incurred some damage that allowed water to get in. Seven years of flawless performance was coming to an end.

Knowing a good thing when I see it, I went back to Amazon and ordered another one. While on the site, I scrolled down to see if they still showed the review I wrote seven years ago. There it was right on top! Wow! It got me to thinking about the time I applied for a job at an advertising agency which was a member of the 4A’s, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, an elite club of the nation’s (supposedly) best advertising shops. Part of the job application process included taking a written test which measures the applicant’s skill at writing, such as using the proper terms, persuasiveness, and all the stuff you should know to make a good ad. When he finished checking the result, my boss-to-be called the 4A’s in New York and said, “I have an applicant here who got a perfect test score.”

“Don’t let him get away! Nobody’s done that ever!” was the reply. Tens of thousands of people had taken that test, including all the advertising superstars at the biggest New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles agencies. These are people with the skills necessary to persuade millions of Americans to choose such favorites as Cheerios, Pampers, and Preparation H over competing brands.

So I guess what I’m saying is since Amazon has kept my review at the top of the list for seven years so far, I still retain the gift of gab. Wanna see for yourself? Look up Timex Men’s Brown Watch With White Dial on Amazon, scroll down to the Most Helpful Customer Reviews and see how I kin still rite reel good.


Pete S. said...

Out of 709 reviews for that watch, going back to 2004, yours is the top rated review! Will you change your career to advertising? As a minimum, the ranch should promote you to Chief Advertising Officer!

Luke P said...

After the blog post I couldn't help myself. I felt compelled to read your review. Then I felt compelled to read the comments to your review. I then almost bought the watch. I do have some self conrol.