Friday, March 13

G'bye, Old Friends

It happens in everyone’s life when you have to say goodbye to things that have served you so well it would be hard to toss them aside. That day has come with my trusty old pair of New Balance 409 sneakers. They still fit, they’re still comfortable, and as you can see from the photograph they still look mighty good—there’s lots of life remaining.

So why do I have to abandon them? Well, they’re getting slippery afoot; the soles are smooth. I sometimes slip on our tile floors and I don’t want to risk life-ending concussion from a full-on flying fall or from crashing into a wall or falling against the kitchen counter and launching a whole rack of dinner plates into the air and having them come flying at me edge-on, carving a deep gash in my neck and splashing blood all over the place and—well, you get my point.

Bet you never thought old shoes could engender such havoc.


Pete S. said...

Those shoes are dangerous!

Susan said...

Glad you recognised the need to replace them. Don't let an old friendship spoil your safety record.