Tuesday, May 12

Close enough for blogging

I took some pictures today with my iPhone camera, and they're okay; at least they're good enough for blogging. I didn't want to repair the little Nikon that died because then I'd be tempted to keep it and maybe even use it to take pictures. The main thing I didn't like about that camera is that it was almost impossible to handle without triggering something. Even picking it up can be annoying because there are some buttons on the back right side that I almost always triggered with the heel of my hand. Additionally the camera peeped too much, scaring off the subjects of my pictures-to-be, which explains why I never showed you whales, dinosaurs, troglodytes or the many other beasts we live with here in the boondocks. Even Martians can hear that blasted peep and poof! Back to the saucer and whoosh! Outta here!

Oh, well….

To explain the headline, what I mean is that the iPhone pictures get the idea across. First, Karla digs some holes and puts in the wire mesh cages that will keep the gophers from attacking the agaves that we grabbed from our old house up the road. Unfortunately two of them had been whacked by the weed eater when reducing the fire hazard near the house. We trimmed off some lower leaves and hope the plants grow fast enough that we can trim off the damage later on.

The western edge of this planted area is about 35 feet (10.6 m) long, and slopes downward for drainage. We will buy some decorative concrete blocks to face the front edge and hold things in place. So the real work is only beginning!

We'll use the road grader to shape the place where the blocks will go. Then find a place for the dug-up dirt, which will probably be the impetus for another project, which will then mean that something else will be needed.…


Susan said...

That's some project! I am also glad to see you posting with iPhone pictures. So the iPhone is a silent photography device? I must remember that when I go out to capture Yowies and Trianwianygumalopes and Min Min lights. Thanks for the tip.

Tom Hurley said...

Yowies? Trianwianygumalopes? You have those in Australia too? Wowie!