Friday, May 1

New eye

Yesterday Karla got her left eye’s lens replaced so now she can see with both eyes better than she’s ever seen before. Her vision is now so clear and sharp it surprises me. Today for instance, as we left the doctor's office after her post-op checkup, she was reading way distant street signs that I, whose eyes are still pretty darned good, couldn’t make out.

Later in the day, as she further adjusted to her newfound ability to see so sharp and clear, she kept reading signs in the distance. “Next Exit, Broadway Blvd, Convention Center,” she muttered softly.

“What’s that?” I asked. “Where do you see that?”

"Interstate 670, Kansas City I think,” she answered.


Later that night, we were looking at the near-full moon, musing about its distant mysteries. “When they walked on the … how many Apollo landers did they leave on the moon?” she asked.

“Five, no—six, I think.”

“Hm-m-m,” she said. “I can only see four.”



Avis said...

You're making me jealous that I don't have cataracts!!

Susan said...

Lol! That's a tremendous result, Karla :) What can you tell me about Australia now? See me waving yet?