Saturday, May 16

Follow-up on Wealth Distribution blog entry

As time marches on, and the horses no longer occupy our 40 acres, we aren’t getting any new material that needs distribution. Shown here is the distribution tool, now in its time-out mode; it’s no longer in daily use, but merely acting as a shoe.
Once the distributed material is dry,
 it is referred to as Meadow Muffins.

This morning I tossed the tools in the washer, dried them outside in the bright sunlight, and put them on to use as nice clean footwear. A bonus is that now I’ll be allowed to relax after a meal at our favorite restaurant. My way of expressing satisfaction after a particularly good meal is to push my chair back away from the table and put my feet, crossed, on the tabletop, using my fork to pick my teeth. The wait staff often gets upset if I’m wearing my distribution tool, so now that it’s been transformed into a nice clean shoe, their concern is reduced to mere annoyance. They’re always nice to me because I’m a generous tipper.


Pete S. said...

Are those the distribution tools that replaced the unsafe slippery ones you had to put out to pasture a few posts back? They look pretty new.

Tom Hurley said...

They're actually old. They were left at one of our businesses by a disgruntled hiker. I somehow inherited them several years back. They don't fit very well. I may have to break down and buy another pair.