Friday, May 15

They're outta here!

The horses have been moved back to their proper pasture, the 575-or-so acres to the north of us. They did a bang-up job of mowing the grass on our 40; it is near-gone, and we were getting very close to having to feed costly bales of hay.

They had actually removed the yellow plug. Where'd they get the pliers to do the job?
While here, they did plenty of damage to their water trough, and Luke had to modify the plumbing to thwart the horses’ desire to keep us busy fixing things. On one of our morning walks, I noticed that the pipe holding our address sign was missing its little plug in the end that keeps bugs out. I found it in the dirt below and plugged it back in, wondering at the same time what it is that makes horses so insistent on messing things up. They must be amazingly bored to want to pluck a plug. Prior to that, we rediscovered* that they like the taste of car hoods (or bonnets), and don’t stop at using just their tongues, but put some teeth into it. Hard enough to dent the metal, scrape off the paint clear down to metal, and generally make a mess of things.

Maybe this is their way of saying, “Hey, the grass is almost gone. What does it take to get your attention?” We’ll sorely miss the 30+ munchers now that they’re gone.


*Decades ago, they tasted the paint on Karla's old pickup's hood.

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