Monday, May 11

Still around

I haven’t posted in awhile and the reason is that my little Nikon camera died. First, it wouldn’t focus properly when zoomed in, then its exposure system died, overexposing all the shots. I finally tossed it since a two-hundred-dollar camera probably costs three hundred dollars to fix.

I can use my iPhone camera, but not with anywhere near the control I have with a “real” camera. So until I get my ability to post articles with pictures, I shall remain silent.


Pete S. said...

Is that the new camera you mentioned on March 11? It should be under warranty! I hope the new camera shows up soon.

Avis said...

Photos are wonderful, but we love hearing from you so please don't let lack of camera keep you from the important work of blogging!

Susan said...

I agree, if it is still under warranty let Nikon fix it. And please go ahead and blog without pictures if you can? If pictures are a necessity, iphone shots will still satisfy your hungry followers :)