Thursday, May 28

Firewood on the hoof

About halfway up in the picture, a longitudinal split is forming.

This is one of five dead pine trees that are threatening about 50 feet (15 m) of fence between us and neighbors Bill and Megann. At some future date we will get together and drop the trees then cut them into firewood. They are all very large mature trees, so we will have more fuel than we can burn in a whole lifetime. Especially since we much prefer to burn oak, not pine. Any ideas?

No, we will not be mailing firewood to you!


Susan said...

You can chip some for much. Will someone come and take them away for you to be milled/chipped? Or are you too far from someone like that?

Tom Hurley said...

Simply cutting firewood produces a lot of material that can be used as mulch, and we will scoop that up. Further chipping wouldn't be practical due to distance.

Pete S. said...

Are those pines what they call "bull pines?" My dad always said that bull pines grew fast and large, and then fell over.

Is there any market for cut-up firewood in your area? There is down here.

You could make charcoal. Didn't your dad make charcoal a long time ago?

Tom Hurley said...

Your dad was right; these are all bull pines.
There is a large market for cut-up firewood, but only oak since pine burns too quickly.
Charcoal would be a good item, but what do you do with charcoal? We don't even have a barbie.