Wednesday, May 13

Wealth distribution

You can regard horse potty as an asset or as a mess to be cleaned up. Our attitude is the former since this stuff is very good for feeding horses. Not directly, but after it has helped grasses to grow on our pastureland.

Prior to distribution

Unfortunately, horses have a tendency to deposit this wealth in a small heap. And all over the place. It’s up to us and dung beetles to do the distributing. (By the way, I saw one dung beetle on this whole 600+ acres (243+ hectares) about 35 years ago. ONE beetle, and it was small.)

After application of distribution procedure

Handy tool shown on right foot


Here is the tool I use for spreading the wealth. It’s always with me, and handily enough it can be worn both indoors and out. It’s self-cleaning, too, especially if I’m lounging on carpet.


Pete S. said...

You're funny, Tom!

I suppose wealth distribution is a good thing. But I've heard bad things about wealth redistribution.

Susan said...