Monday, January 26

Advertising brilliance

On Sunday February 1 in the United States, billions of kilowatt hours will be consumed to present the Super Bowl on millions of huge flat-screen TV sets, many of which will be returned to the place where they were bought right after the game, especially if they were bought from Costco. (When I served on a jury, a Costco manager/jury member told me that right after the Super Bowl is the time to come in to buy a lightly used TV really cheap!)

The cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl is astronomical (three million dollars). Alcoholic beverage advertising time will be dominated by Anheuser-Busch, America’s largest beer maker. MillerCoors, the second largest, is going to skip a huge exposure during the big game. Their ad agency came up with a winning idea; they produced a commercial that lasts exactly one second. And they have been advertising the commercial! “Watch the Super Bowl for our commercial,” they’ve been saying. “It lasts only one second!”


If you want to see a selection of their one-second commercials click here. (I think they’ll use the one where the guy yells “Miller time!”) The commercial will be shown during the pre-game portion of the show. Here’s a justification to advertise during the Super Bowl, according to many advertisers. I love advertising.


Praying Horse said...

Oh darn, and I'm going to miss it all!

By the way, I chased a bunch of cows off your place Sunday - the gate was open (next to last gate)so if you had meant to leave it open, it was I who was the doodoo head that closed it.

Dang cows were mere millimeters away from our place.

Sometimes I just love the word verifications I get on these things - today, it's "conspiro". Sort of like a combination of an alien invasion coverup in the Nixon era.

Tom Hurley said...

Come on up the hill and watch Super Bowl commercials with us! In Hi-Def!

Thanks for kicking off the bovines. We need to make that gate cow-proof.