Monday, April 30

Plumbing in progress

Those are not midgets. That's a big tank!
This morning the first of two 5,000-gallon water tanks arrived. The rest of the day consisted of gluing together almost three thousand feet of electrical conduit and water lines and hauling them into place along the ditch. The wire from the pump to the water tanks was pulled through over eleven hundred feet of conduit. Eleven hundred feet of inch and a quarter water line accompanied the conduit, and over 900 feet of three-inch water pipe was laid to the house site.

Next the solar-powered pump will be brought up. Soon we’ll see how that’s going to work. We can’t wait!


Susan said...

Your picture brought back memories for Col and I. We put two tanks like that in for our church in Malanda a few years back. Everybody got in on the rolling and placing act :) It was quite an experience!

You are making good progress there. Exciting stuff!

Pete S. said...

The non-midgets look like they are about to be flattened!

Does "solar-powered" mean that the pump has its own dedicated solar panel and is not connected to the main (solar) power system? Is that to avoid running long wires?

Tom Hurley said...

The pump has its own solar panels. They're not connected to anything else in order to not have to manage the pump from our main power system. Currently our solar-powered house makes us turn the pump on and off during high-solar-input times, mostly around noon. It's a pain. The new system is totally self-managing. The wires from the pump site to the tanks are merely to sense the status of the water level in the tanks.