Thursday, April 30

Eye'll second that

Oh, what a clever headline!

Karla gets a new lens in her right eye today. She has described the procedure in detail to me, and it mostly involves deadening just about all of her head, making the iris open so wide you could drive a semi-truck through it, and getting her head restrained by a strap that doesn't allow any movement at all. That's the part she dislikes the most. Other than the part where she doesn't get to eat anything for a whole twelve hours before the procedure.

We are heading to Fresno now to get the job done, and will let you know how things went. She'll be wearing a mask till tomorrow. We'll find out how it is by then and tell you about it.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I hope all goes well, Karla! Will keep you in my prayers.

Wish we could send you some of this rain we are having too. We're expecting cyclonic conditions tonight.