Wednesday, March 12

Am I the dummy?

Today was the day to run around to get food and supplies for a huge adventure in Death Valley the family will be on for the next five days or so. Them, not me; I’ll be staying home feeding the animals who can’t go anyway. (Fish don’t travel well, nor do cats or very ancient dogs.)

Today I got the special tool it takes to remove the oil filter from yesterday’s blog car. Turns out I don’t have the full kit of tools that every mechanic uses on cars. A visit to the Oakhurst NAPA store and the kind attention of the owner brought to my awareness a tool I didn’t know existed but thought should. And it just might work! I got home too late to try it, so tomorrow if it doesn’t rain too much, I will see if it works. If it does, Toyota is off the hook and I will eat crow. Not raven, though. They’re too cute.

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