Saturday, March 15

Solar power’s nemesis

This morning I was filling the bird feeder when suddenly a dark shadow came over the place. I looked up to the bright blue clear sky and saw a very large cloud coming in. Just one cloud, and it seemed to stop and get ready to sit there for a while, casting its heavy, dark, molasses-thick shade. I looked out over the valley and saw that this was the only shade; everywhere else it was sunny and bright. Then it hit me—of course! We’re the only people in this whole valley dependent on solar panels! This day isn’t unique, either. Many times when I am approaching from the south, driving down the steep grade that allows a view of the entire valley, I often see cloud shadows on the ground, a few here and there, but always one over the part of our property where the solar panels are.

Kind of like how tornadoes seek out trailer parks, clouds seek out solar panels.


Pat said...

Does the cloud hang below the sun as it crosses the sky? Don't you get any sun on your panels at all during the day? I smell a conspiracy somewhere here.

Tom Hurley said...

I've heard rumors that PG&E, the power company in these parts, has invested millions in cloud generating machinery. Now if they'd make rain, that might be all right.