Monday, March 3

Today’s mail is here!

A couple of really good magazines arrived, along with some really exciting bills and remarkable junk mail that included self-adhesive return address labels that we could add to our collection of, oh, I don’t know, maybe ten thousand return address labels, with pictures of flowers, American flags, puppies and kitties, fish, ancient airplanes, US Navy ships, horses, frogs (my favorite!) and weird things like deadly bacteria. Who knows how they identified me as a recipient. Must be my eclectic-ness.

But in the midst of all the exciting stuff was a box from the Peter Stone Company with our very own Hilary Hurley Painter model horse, Bernadette (that’s the real name of the real horse from which the model was made). It was wrapped carefully and arrived in perfect condition. Not even a fingerprint marred its perfection. It is simply beautiful.

Right now it occupies a space in our Cabinet of Hilary’s Brilliant Accomplishments. When she gets home from Death Valley, she will be thrilled beyond description. Wow, how neat to be a dad.


Susan said...

Please tell my cousin that I think her work is wonderful.

Tom Hurley said...

Will do!

hhhorses said...

Hey, thanks Susan!

I'm thrilled that they've finally put it in production! I think they'll even be available at certain horse-y shops in Oz, in various different colors.

How global!

Susan said...

Hmmm - horsey shops and me - in one sentence? He he. I'll keep it mind though :-D

Susan said...

And I'll let you know if I DO see any here :-)