Tuesday, March 18

“BigDog” could replace mules

Yesterday’s entry involved a safety-minded mule. Mules are mostly known for their ability to haul a big pack load. In this 3-1/2 minutes of video we see that competition is coming to replace these load-hauling equines. The Army wants a pack mule for its soldiers, and this could be the answer.

The stability of this machine and its ability to recover even when kicked hard on its side, nearly knocking it over, is astonishing. It can cavort like a young mule when asked. Now if they could only stop making it sound like it’s powered by a hive of angry bees!

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Susan said...

I wonder what the boy in yesterday's post would think if Bog Dog started buzzing its way towards him? It doesn't even have teeth so he probably would take it in stride.

Seriously, that is an incredible machine.