Monday, March 31

The wall grows

This is the most difficult post yet. Blogger software is failing as I speak. I have used three computers to put together this post, and each has failed in some different way. One wouldn’t upload the image, while another did. Editing with another computer didn’t allow any more than the picture and the headline, no body copy. The third, the one I’m using now, only allows the headline and the body copy. Who knows what will be the result?

All right, I have tried for the last time, and the picture seems to be posted. Today we started very late, having to do some tax stuff to keep the California government happy. Then we scouted out some more rocks and hauled them down. More rocks got added to the wall, but you know what? After all the computer glitches and bad response from the Kind Folks At Google Blogger, whose slogan is “Don’t do evil,” I’m through for the day! Good night.

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