Friday, April 17

Interesting road

This morning Karla and I took off for Fresno to do some shopping. Next Tuesday we will have a whole bunch of people over for our annual roundup. There could be twenty-five or more people here, some of whom are actually going to be useful in handling the horses. Lots of them are spectators and diners who like the spread we will lay out for lunch. Just the meat, a humongous takes-two-hands-to-carry tri-tip cost way over a hundred bucks since cow meat is getting pretty pricey these days due to the lack of water to grow their feed.

We were going to buy a carful of stuff, so we took the Highlander since it is way more capacious than the Prius. Also, the Prius won't hold boards that are nine feet (275 cm) long. Turns out our doors-to-be inside the house are way bigger than normal doors and the normal frames we bought are short.

Anyway, we hit up Costco for most of the food and bought a whole boatload of sodas and beer. Then we bought a whole 'nother buncha stuff and ended up filling the car to the gunwales. (Does anyone know how to pronounce gunwales? It's gunnels. Impress your friends with this tidbit of nautical knowledge, courtesy of your faithful blogger and former navy sailor, Tommy.)

On the way to Fresno this morning, I got the usual Toyota-seat pains in the butt and right leg. We've had four or five of those cars, and the seats in every one of them aggravates at least some of my nerves and I have to stop, get out, and walk around to rid myself of the pain. While I was out, I took a few iPhone pictures of the pavement. They accompany this article, and are for your pleasure and contemplation.



Pete S. said...

The road has real character. Did your aircraft carrier have gunwales?

Tom Hurley said...

You know, that has mystified me. I don't think it did, being a modern (fifty years ago, that is) ship.