Wednesday, April 29

Try a Little Harder, Costco

Here I am, sweaty and plastered with horse manure on my bare legs after a couple of hours of hacking at our weeds. It’s the first day of the season when I am wearing cutoff Levi’s, and whenever the weed trimmer hits a relatively fresh pile of horse manure, it splats all over my feet and legs. So as a result, I feel less than elegant at the moment,

so I stopped the weeding operation and came in the house. I looked to see if there was any email of interest and clicked on the usual “Costco Wholesale” banner to see what they had on special today. I was in the mood to save some money, and my eye was attracted to the ad shown here. The opportunity to save $260,950.01 is awfully appealing, but I don’t like the way they placed the two side diamonds. And why are they white, not yellow like the central stone?

Come on, Costco. You gotta try a little harder if you want my money.

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Pete S. said...

The ring seems to be a discontinued item: there is only one left and it's heavily discounted. Soon the ring will be in the discount bin down at the store, marked down even farther. That's when you should buy it.