Tuesday, April 28

Weed trimmers need a re-do

I could maybe make a fortune by redesigning the ergonomics of the weed trimmer. I can understand why they’re made the way they are; it’s cheaper. Every weed trimmer I’ve ever seen has a straight shaft at the top end where the motor is. There’s a trigger release that has to be held down with the palm of the hand, while the trigger itself is squeezed by the index and middle fingers.

Adjusting the position of the other grip lower on the shaft is easy. Its angle and position can be custom set to where it’s comfortable and helps to balance the tool in your hands. The non-adjustable handle is where the trigger is located. The user has to cock his/her wrist at an angle that after awhile gets downright awkward and even painful. In today’s two-hour stint I took several short breaks in order to “shake out” the discomfort in the trigger-squeezing hand.

What would it take to put an adjustable trigger-handle on the machine? It could be at a 45° or so angle to the shaft, and even tiltable beyond that if you want to get extra-fancy.

Are there any trimmer designers out there reading this blog entry? You’ll get a pat on the back from me for making a comfortable trimmer and if you’re a lovely lady you might also get a warm hug; even a kiss if that’s okay. And by the way—what’re you doin’ tonight? Let’s have a nice dinner and talk trimmers!

Yeah, trimmers.

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