Thursday, April 16

We also like orange

In my previous post, I mentioned that we tend to use green for an accent color in our new house. Several minutes later, I went to the kitchen to make a cuppa, and noticed that in the adjacent living room there were some orange accents. Oh, yeah, orange—I forgot.

Like the little table next to the recliner. Photography can't capture the brilliance of that thing; it's positively fluorescent, the color used to get your attention. Like a highway worker's vest. We have another identical table next to another chair. A subtler orange is on a high stool we're using as a plant stand.

But we also have a whole bunch of green plastic lawn chairs scattered throughout the house. Nice bright green. At first we bought them to fill empty places where we needed chairs, intending to replace them later with "proper" indoor chairs. Over time we came to like the lawn chairs so much we're going to keep them as indoor chairs. Besides, we have almost a dozen of them, so why not?

Toss a pillow on one of those chairs and it's transformed into a luxury item, comfort-wise. Spend our money on something that's important instead, like window and door trimming, baseboard, and the like.


Pete S. said...

Your home is beautiful! That wall clock caught my eye. Looks like you put each hour marker on, turning the wall into a clock.

Tom Hurley said...

I'm planning to turn some other walls into clocks, but don't want to overdo it. Another problem: Those clocks cost way too much, so I'll figure out how to make some cheapies.

Pete S. said...

I'll bet you can do it. That clock is little different from the dog-food can clock you made. It looks like the dog food clock, but with black paint instead of white.