Sunday, April 26

Keeping the peace

We have a very nice piano, a Steinway grand. Karla loves it. And for a couple of hours a day, she practices on it. Grand pianos are made to fill the space (like an auditorium) with sound, so if the playing is less than superb, the space is less than peaceful.
Karla keeps it shiny.

The piano is located in our most northwest room. My little space is in the most southeast room. I can sit and listen to my SiriusXM radio while Karla plays and I only barely hear her. We have often talked about how this is an ideal situation since she may not want to hear my music, and I may only occasionally want to hear hers (the pieces she has practiced to perfection).
This morning I chose Classical. Later it will be Jazz.

The house has ten interior doorways, only one of which has an actual door in it, the half-bath. We are still planning where to put more doors, and many of them could be simply visual blocks like louvered doors on places like the pantry, laundry room, walk-in closet and maybe even the toilet room in our full bath. The piano room has an opening for double doors to the living room so the sound can come pouring out full blast if we have a concert and an audience.

Today I used our distance measuring wheel to see how far apart we are; it's almost exactly 100 feet (30.5 m) as the crow flies. I wouldn't have thought it was that far, but when you go around corners and stuff, it's a good distance. Or as some old-timers might say, a good piece. Or as I would say, a good piece for peace. But then I'm corny and can't resist bad puns.

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