Wednesday, April 8


This morning I stepped out onto our entrance deck, glanced northward, and was surprised to see—SNOW on Signal Peak, which is only a bit over 4,100 feet (1,250m)* high. Goodness! It’s early April, supposedly springtime, and right up there was a whole bunch of snow.

Yesterday we got 0.59” (15mm) of welcome rain. It was kind of nippy, too. The storm came from the north and brought cold air with it. The most welcome part of this particular rainstorm is that it pushed our season total to double digits! From July first we have now received 10.58” (27cm) of precious precipitation.

We lucked out this year; the rains started in September so the grass got an early start. We fed very little hay to our herd of nearly 40 horses as a result, so the barn still holds a nice mess of hay for next year.

*So how come the metric conversions? Some of my favorite readers live in Australia, and I’m just making it easier for them to get the message. After all, they’re family.


Pete S. said...

A few hundred miles south of you we got 0.26 inches of rain from that storm. Our season total is 6.5 inches. But we're fine because we're just feeding a cat, and it doesn't like grass.

Susan said...

The metric conversions are always much appreciated ;) Thanks, Unc. I'm really glad to hear you are getting rain at last. I hate to tell you, but this year alone we have had 1049.8 mm (41.3") and since July we have had a total of 1449.8 mm (57.1"). This might be close to all we get now till the end of the year, but it has been very welcome too.

Pete S. said...

That's a LOT of rain, Susan! But is it generally sunny there (compared to a place like Seattle)?