Saturday, April 18

Today: Charlotte Is Two

Two whole years! It seems like only yesterday she was born! Oh, wait—it was Elliot who was born last week or so. My bad.
Nice tiara, Kiddo—makes you look like a princess!

Our granddaughter Charlotte enjoyed a large crowd of friends who brought a plethora of gifts which she appreciated very much. Toys, clothes, dolls, a playhouse and the pièce de résistance—a bright pink tricycle from her Mom and Dad. It even has a nice-sounding bell to warn the dogs and cats away as she tears up the road. Actually brother Ben is the road terror since Charlotte will have to grow a bit to reach the pedals. Next winter she'll be the one to watch.

A good time was had by all, and the ice cream cake she's eating here was a hit with all of us.


Pete S. said...

That ice cream cake looks like it fell off the fork the second after the camera snapped.

Susan said...

She looks adorable :)