Tuesday, April 7

Welcome, Elliot

At 10:53 this morning, we got another grandson. He was a little early; he was supposed to be here next Friday.
Luke is a proud papa, and Hilary is feeling great. As I type, Elliot is nursing, getting all the special nutrients in early mothers' milk.

It is raining like crazy right now, so this kid is already worth his weight in gold!


Pete S. said...

Congratulations to all! Great looking kid and mom!

I wonder if Susan has a new granddaughter yet?

Susan said...

Congratulations! You look wonderful, Hilary, and I love the name you chose for your baby son. Luke, what a family you have!!

We do indeed have another granddaughter, and she was born at 1.45am on 7th April! Check your emails, Pete and Tom. I sent a picture for you.

How good to hear you have rain as well. An answer to prayer!

Pete S. said...

Congratulations to you too, Susan! Your email didn't reach me, but Tom forwarded it, and then Ana told me when she got home.

There are two birthdays to celebrate on April 7!

Susan said...

Glad you got the email somehow, Pete! Yes! Two baby's birthdays in one day! Wonderful!

Agneta and David said...

Congratulations everyone and Happy BIRTHDAY Elliot! We are so exited over the news. Have wondered about the big event. You have a perfectly perfect family!