Wednesday, April 25

First concrete poured

Not for the house foundation, but for the water tanks and the wellhead surround. This morning Karla (“Old Eagle Ears”) heard massive truck sounds down by the new house site. Sure enough, a lumbering ready-mix truck was pouring into a concrete pump to fill the forms set previously by John, the concrete man. John’s timing was off, or the weather-guesser’s calculations were off. The prediction was that it wouldn’t rain till afternoon or evening, but it poured all the time the concrete poured. Wind blew leaves into the mix. The road got slippery, especially where it was brand new and red clay.

Sioux writes pretty well for a four-legger

You just HAVE to do this corny stuff!

But John got through it all with good humor and ended up leaving us a beautiful job. While the concrete was still fresh, dog Sioux insisted that we let her press her paw in it and write her name. We acquiesced. We also scratched in the date, and John signed the work with his brand. All right and proper and traditional. Good for us.

"I approve!" says Karla.

We had to go to town, so we missed the final touches but when we came back we got to examine some very nice work. Thank you John!

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