Friday, April 13

Such a deal!

It always amuses me to run across a listing like this from Costco. Sometimes people think the company is all about canned veggies by the case, massive bags of chips, or computer thumb drives by the half dozen. A couple of weeks ago, as we passed through the checkout, our attention was grabbed by an advertisement — an unbelievable Million Dollars Off for a loose diamond. The price was slashed to a mere $2,800,000.00! I asked a nearby manager when he expected it to go on sale and he replied that they probably wouldn’t be discounting it any further. Dang. Drop it another million and I might be interested.


Susan said...

They are finally beginning to build Costcos here. I wonder if they will offer us such rare pickings too. I'll plan my sight-seeing trip now...should I look for any other rare wonders? I have never seen a diamond for sale that costs as much as any of these in any jewelry store in Australia.

Tom Hurley said...

It could be because shipping costs would be too high.